Private Brand

       H&H is its own brand under the health industry of Nanliang Group. Its product characteristics are based on health functions, and the group's functional materials are extended to design products with technological content. Weaving a healthy and happy life with high-tech wisdom, guarding for healthy life, and putting forward a new perspective on health protection, so that the product functions continue to improve and change rapidly.

H & H products are divided into eight categories
I. Intelligent sports equipment-1. Sanjiu health technology bed 2. Smart induction balance board

2. Energy art ceramics-1. Energy porcelain cup 2. Energy ceramic bowl / cup 3. Blue and white Yingque tea set

Third, energy health aids-1. Aids-moving belt 2. Medical protective gear-(1). Shoulder dedicated (2). Elbow dedicated (3). Wrist dedicated (4). Knee Dedicated (5). Dedicated to the ankle (6). Support aids (7). Z-shaped aids (8). Dedicated to the neck (9). Dedicated to the waist (10). Dedicated to the eyes

Fourth, energy health bedding

1. Cleaning bed pillowcase-(1). Waterproof and anti-mite breathable cleaning pillowcase (2). Waterproof and anti-mite breathable cleaning bed cover (3). Waterproof mid order

2. Cool feeling quilt / pad-(1). Bingshu clear cool feeling pad (2). Cool feeling energy saving quilt

3. Far infrared thermal storage blanket 4. Memory pillow 5. Energy cushion

V. Energy Health Care Books-1. Cold towels 2. Silver fiber socks 3. Nana carbon socks 4. Gentle cool seamless underwear

6. Energy health shoes and shoes-1. Medical orthopedic insoles 2. Lightweight pressure-relief health shoes-health care 3. Lightweight pressure-relief health shoes-casual 4. Lightweight pressure-relief health shoes-gentleman

7. Taiwan Dark Green Jade Energy Class-1. Heart Cushion Cushion 2. Vitality Cushion 3. Vitality Pillow 4. Baoyu Table

Eight, medical auxiliary equipment-
1. icare portable health measuring instrument 2. Arm-type automatic electronic sphygmomanometer HK-811 3. Arm-type automatic electronic sphygmomanometer HK-807 4. Heart spectrum sphygmomanometer P2 arm-type automatic electronic sphygmomanometer HK-8093 5. Potential therapy Potential therapy device 6. Mobile-type low-frequency pain relief therapy device 7. Easy pulse 8. Antangbao 9. Shuhaomian anion mattress 10. Potential blood circulation machine AK-500 11. Medium-frequency vector sore health instrument AK-360

Our target customers and product lines

■ Health supplies series-pharmacy, silver hair supply store, online shopping, TV shopping, direct sales, long photo, medical equipment system
■ Functional Sleeping Goods Series-Supplies: Bedding, online shopping, TV shopping, direct sales, mass merchandiser system
■ Technology Beds-Medical Clinic, Yangshen Village, Changzhao Center, Restaurant, Foot Massage, High-end Bedding, Large-scale Construction, Beauty and Body System
■ AI Intelligent Technology Series-Silver Hair Supplies, Online Shopping, TV Shopping, Pharmacy, Fitness Center, Pharmacy System
■ Medical equipment supplies-Medical equipment system, TV shopping, Lohas experience hall, direct sales system
■ Broadwood Health Experience Hall-Small Broadwood Hall: Technology bed access; CUHK Broadwood Hall: Combined energy SPA + floating bath, internal products, intelligent technology sports equipment, store counters, large clinics, health care villages, long Photo Center, Holiday Center, Large-scale Construction Project, High-end Hotel

       Brand integrated marketing-integrated marketing communications, brand image building, advertising media diversion, experience service marketing, video and audio content promotion, social network management, official website design, etc. allow a wide range of consumers to understand H & H's brand implementation.