H&H Possessing the Nanliang business entity and the ability to supply horizontally integrated material systems

Nanliang Group H & H has more than 48 years of experience in materials and other foundries, and has more than 60 multinational affiliated companies, whose fields span several industries, and can horizontally and vertically integrate the materials and technologies of many affiliated companies. Related products can provide one-stop service.

■ Polymer elastomer foaming material--rubber elastic foaming material, thermoplastic elastic foaming material, closed-cell foam rubber sponge, waterproof rubber sponge gasket material, rubber sponge cushion gasket material

■ Functional film composites-TPU functional films, film composites, special chemical products

■ Hook and loop fasteners-D.I.Y. banding, wire finishing, peripheral accessories for electronic products, furniture interiors, sports / medical health protection, automotive / aerospace interiors and other related accessories

■ Special textiles--wear-resistant cloth, cut-resistant cloth, puncture-resistant cloth, anti-slip cloth, elastic cloth, reflective cloth, fire-resistant cloth, multi-functional cloth and functional yarn finished products

H & H's foundry industry combines materials into various types of people's livelihood or the industrialization of industrialization.

Applications For Vehicle Material Industry

Nanliang's products are widely used in various fields, especially the automotive industry and its peripheral products.

For the needs of waterproof car seat covers, we can provide services:

■ Use of TPU film lamination or TPU film coating, combined with different cloth types, and use of its waterproof or air-tight functionality for various types of vehicle materials, including: sunroofs, car covers, seats, vehicles Use a massage airbag.

■ Rubber foaming materials have excellent protection, sealing and anti-slip effects, and are widely used in automotive parts and accessories, such as lamp gaskets, parts gaskets, sealing gaskets, automotive seat covers, storage bags, etc. .

■ Fireproof and breathable knitted belts are used in car seat cushion foaming process cars, which can be effectively used on uneven surface foaming.

■ Waterproof car seat cover, neoprene fabric seat cushion, diving cloth seat cover

Waterproof car seat covers are suitable for RVs, trucks and vans. The surface can be made of different colors of fabric according to the body and interior. Installation is very simple, just use a hook and loop fastener.


Applications For Beddings And Household Accessories

High-density waterproof and moisture-permeable membrane with good elasticity and high strength. The use of high-tech technology to introduce hydrophilic groups into the material makes the film highly waterproof and moisture-permeable, odorless, non-toxic, recyclable and decomposable. With a variety of fabrics, it can be used in home textile bedding such as mattress cleaning pads, curtains, sofas and so on.

The high-density waterproof and moisture-permeable film used in home textiles is divided into general film and bio-film. According to customers' requirements for green environmental protection, they can choose materials in the biomass series.

Breathable And Comfortable

The principle of moisture permeability of non-porous hydrophilic film materials is to use a "hydrophilic group" that is super absorbent like a sponge to quickly absorb sweat and then absorb sweat or moisture by diffusion and convection to conduct it out of the outer layer of the fabric. Using this material in products such as bedspreads, pillowcases, etc., can release the moisture and sweat generated by the human body during sleep, so that the interior will not frost and cause the body to become cold and cold, thereby achieving a cooling effect and maintaining excellent comfort With dry.

Machine Washable,Easy Washing

It can be directly washed in the washing machine and washed according to the general laundry procedure. Neutral detergent can be used. Do not use bleach or softener. Do not use dryer


The hydrophilic-based waterproof and moisture-permeable membrane is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, recyclable and decomposable material. It has passed the Oeko-Tex standard 100 International Environmental Textile Association's second-level safety certification. Among them, the biofilm has a green label with a content of 20% or more obtained by the EU / Belgian Environmental Protection Association VINCOTTE test (measured 26-28%)

Waterproof,Breathable,Other Applications

■ Waterproof sand release
In addition to bedding and other bedding, the waterproof film can also be used in the sofa. It also has the functions of waterproof, thin and anti-mite, which can effectively prevent food and beverages from spilling or pets' feces from penetrating into the sofa, generating odor, and The origin of dust mites.

■ Physical blackout curtain fabric
We like the sun and the breeze, but in many cases, we need to isolate the sun from the neighbor's sight. We can attach a black waterproof and windproof film on the back of the curtain to achieve the effect of sunshading. % Shading effect), not only can prevent the direct damage to furniture by ultraviolet rays, but also has good thermal insulation performance. Unlike chemical shading curtain cloth, it is coated on the curtain, and it will smell like chemical paint.