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In the 1960s, on the undeveloped and winding roads of coastal southern Taiwan, a young man from a rural Budai, Chiayi, facing cold north winds, riding his motorcycle with textile samples, rushing to deliver the customer at any cost. This thin figured man had one thing on his mind, and it was to make this sale so he would have some income to support his family.


This diligent young man, with ethical morals and values, thriving for innovation and change, gradually became well known in the industry. He is our Chairman Mr. Xiao Deng Poa, and founded Nam Liong in 1972. He was only 23 years old at the time and full of energy and vitality.  Since then, Nam Liong has expanded from a small company of 30 people to more than 15,000 employees around the world in. Nam Liong is well-known in the industry for researching and developing high-tech textile products, as well as various polymer materials and high-elastic foam products.

When President Xiao succeeded in serving his elderly parents, Xiao Ayi and Xiao Agong fell due to health reasons. Even if he sought various methods, he could not save the lives of his parents, which became an regret in his heart. What made him wonder about the definition of happiness in life? Is it to have countless wealth ... or a higher goal ... After seeing many life and death in life, he finally brewed the word "health" in his heart. Originally everything was still brewing in the heart of President Xiao, but I did not expect that the old comrades who had worked with the president when he was young at this time also fell down due to health factors. The president was desperate, but also determined to accelerate "H & H" The birth of the brand, "H & H" represents a special meaning, the first H of "H & H"-represents HEALTH "health", and the second H represents HAPPINESS "happiness," "HAPPINESS not only represents smile, happiness, At the same time hope to bring happiness.

When President Xiao had a successful career and wanted to pay more attention to his aging parents, they collapsed one after another due to health issues; unable to spend more time with them when they were still healthy, became an irreparable regret in his heart. President Xiao began to think about what happiness in life truly meant, whether it was wealth or something more? After seeing the passing of many loved ones, he decided to invest and contribute in the health industry, so came the birth of the "H&H" brand, with the motivation to bring [HEALTH] and [HAPPINESS] to mankind through health technology.


H&H has invested in the health care field for many years, developing health care products based on science and technology, providing diversified products, market trends, and holistic marketing, strategically laying out Taiwan's health care industry, and actively expanding to the China and overseas markets.

The H&H brand understands the importance of “people”, “organizations” and “resources”, and constantly uses interactive network of “creation and communication” to create a business model that is more effective than traditional methods; the H&H brand is committed to participating in the omnichannel platform and to take on the next transformation of the health industry through positive interaction with customers and even cross-industry alliances.

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