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Welcome to cooperate with all major channels in the country; integrated marketing communication, brand image building, advertising media drainage, experience service marketing, audio and video content promotion, social network operation, official website webpage design, etc. allow a wide range of consumers to learn about H & H's brand. Consumers can obtain H & H products through a variety of domestic platforms. Nanliang H & H adheres to the two core values of respect for life and care for the environment. It controls the lives of consumers and brings human happiness and The well-being of happiness.

■ Health supplies series-pharmacy, silver hair supply store, online shopping, TV shopping, direct sales, long photo, medical equipment system
■ Functional Sleeping Goods Series-Supplies: Bedding, online shopping, TV shopping, direct sales, mass merchandiser system
■ Technology Beds-Medical Clinic, Yangshen Village, Changzhao Center, Restaurant, Foot Massage, High-end Bedding, Large-scale Construction, Beauty and Body System
■ AI Intelligent Technology Series-Silver Hair Supplies, Online Shopping, TV Shopping, Pharmacy, Fitness Center, Pharmacy System
■ Medical equipment supplies-Medical equipment system, TV shopping, Lohas experience hall, direct sales system

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