• Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask
  • Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask
  • Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask
  • Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask
  • Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask

Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask

Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask features long-lasting antibacterial activity, anti-odor, and UV Protection. Cooling and breathable properties are the best for summer.
Nano zinc is incorporated into the polymers, then blended into synthetic fibers before spinning. This process provides the best durability for antibacterial performance. Nano zinc is not only insoluble in water but also is highly durable to washing. SGS tests have proven that our face masks are effective against S. Aureus and Pneumonia, and antibacterial rate is above 99.94%.

Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask   Antibacterial Mechanism

Nano zinc interacts with bacterial surfaces, causing bacterial cell membranes to disintegrate and damage cell membrane function, resulting in bacterial breakdown. Nano zinc has been proven to be a permanent antibacterial material.

Zinc nanoparticles are composites with self-sterilizing, antibacterial properties. Our nanoparticles are easy to process and provide long-lasting antibacterial protection and are safe to the human body. SGS tests have shown that our face mask effects against  S. Aureus and Pneumonia, and antibacterial rate is above 99.94%.

H&H Innovative Material Nano Zinc

ZnNP. Zn is the symbol for the chemical element Zinc. Np represents nanoparticles. Our exclusive Nano Zinc Technology allows our nanoparticle to be  2 nanometers in diameter, resulting in significant antibacterial activity. When particle sizes are reduced to nanometers, nano-sized zinc can interact with the bacterial surface, and  damage cell function hence, antibacterial effects.

Bacteria are a wide diversity of shapes and sizes. Most bacterial cells are about  500~100000 nanometres in diameter. Most viruses are about 20 to 300 nanometres. Nanoparticles are only 2 nm in diameter.

The inner fabric of the mask is Nano zinc antibacterial fabric. It comes with a coated Nano Zinc honeycomb design, enhancing antibacterial performance. The outer fabric is a black breathable fabric with water repellent treatment, and is able to block droplets and germs.

In addition to functionality, we use a 3D ergonomic design that fits you perfectly and comes with an adjustable nose clip, providing full face coverage that fits every shape.

Our face mask will protect you from droplets, airborne dust, germs. Preventing ourselves from dangerous bacteria and lung infections.

The difference between Nano Zinc and Silver Ions, is that Silver Ions have positive charge, so the hazards are uncertain.  Nano Zinc on the other hand, is a nanoparticle of zinc. It depends on high surface energy generated from nanofabrication and can effectively react with bacteria and viruses. Zinc is also an essential element our body needs. That is why we choose Nano Zinc as the main formula for our masks.

Dr. Feng's Recommendation: High Tec. Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask

Zinc is widely used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as eczema, diaper rash and acne. It is also considered a safe ingredient for the human body. At the same time, 「Zinc oxide」 can be used in sunscreen to protect the skin against sunburn and other damage caused by ultraviolet light . Many well-known cosmetics brands apply Zinc oxide in their sunscreens.

Face masks have become a necessity for daily life. Nam Liong Group’s latest Nano Zinc Antibacterial Mask, nanoparticle at 2nm,  antibacterial rate up to 99% with anti-odor effect and blocks bacteria effectively.  Reusable, and lowers the impact on our environment and maintains its antibacterial performance after multiple washing.