Assistive device

Far infrared coating energy aid

The energy health aid series uses high-tech materials to promote blood circulation. 7K Foam high-stretch fabric is highly breathable and highly elastic, and it can be worn all day without causing symptoms such as stuffiness and skin allergies. The product releases far-infrared rays, helping to soothe muscles and joints. Energy health aids are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA registration, and will not harm the human body or affect the environment.

 7K Foam environmentally friendly foamed composite material has the characteristics of high air permeability and high extensibility. It can be used with designated functional cloths to increase its skin-friendly and functional properties. It is in line with E.C.O. ecological maintenance awareness in an environmentally friendly, solvent-free fit method, and was introduced into the medical and protective gear market in 2015, injecting new blood into the times for the medical and protective gear industry, and providing diversified products of higher quality, environmental protection and comfort.

 It has the function of far-infrared rays. Far-infrared rays in the 4μm ~ 14 μm spectral range can promote microvascular expansion and promote metabolism. Nanliang developed the coating process of "energy powder" to allow the powder to adhere to the textile material. The attachment process does not require the use of electrical energy, which reduces the discomfort of dry skin; nor does it generate electromagnetic waves or burns that may affect human health. Specially designed coating method to maintain the breathability of textiles.

 The outer layer of the energy powder takes into consideration the discomfort of the energy powder on the body, and applies a protective coating on the energy powder particles to improve the overall moderation and product satisfaction.

Product Application

7K Foam combined with far-infrared coating is suitable for medical, protective gear, footwear, baby products, handbags and other products, which can provide more material selectivity in the finished product industry.