Far infrared coating

Far infrared coating (energy powder) suitable for home care

Far-infrared (FIR) is a light wave in the region of 15 to 1000 µm in the spectrum and is invisible. Through the form of thermal energy, feel the existence of far infrared rays.

Among them, far-infrared rays in the spectral range of 4 μm to 14 μm can promote the expansion of microvessels, make blood circulation smooth, and have a metabolic effect. Based on this, far-infrared rays in this band are also called "light of fertility".

In addition to the wide application of far-infrared technology and astronomy, it is also often used in medical and health care fields. In the industry, far-infrared rays are generally converted by electric energy, or two ways of spinning and spinning the far-infrared materials are fused to generate far-infrared radiation bands.

However, the use of electricity will have safety considerations; after spinning into textiles, the efficiency of far-infrared rays is limited due to the decline in the proportion of far-infrared materials.

Based on this, Nanliang developed the coating process of "energy powder" to uniformly adhere the energy powder to the textile material. Provides far-infrared rays with a uniform and long-lasting spectral range of 4 μm to 14 μm. Because there is no need to use electricity, it can reduce the discomfort of burns or dry skin, and it will not generate electromagnetic waves, which will affect human health.

E-COATING Far infrared coating

Namliong's specially designed coating method can still maintain air permeability in the use of textiles. It is not sweltering and moist for a long time.

Namliong took every care to consider the discomfort caused by direct contact of the skin with the "energy powder" on the outer layer of the "energy powder" particles. Temperature effect and excellent heat preservation and heat storage function), and enhance better comfort and satisfaction.

Product Feature

"Energy powder" is effective and generates far infrared rays in the 4 ~ 14μm band for a long time.

"Energy powder" special design coating method can maintain the breathability of textiles, and it will not be sweltering and humid for a long time, which will improve comfort

The "energy powder" coating is passively releasing far infrared rays (no need to plug in), which is energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

No electromagnetic waves are generated and there will be no concerns about health.

"Energy powder" particles are coated with an outer layer to avoid the discomfort of direct skin contact.

Product Application

Torso devices-neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waists, knees, ankles, eyes, etc.