Far infrared coating (energy powder) suitable for home care

Far-infrared (FIR) is a light wave in the region of 15 to 1000 µm in the spectrum and is invisible. Through the form of thermal energy, feel the existence of far infrared rays.

Among them, far-infrared rays in the spectral range of 4 μm to 14 μm can promote the expansion of microvessels, make blood circulation smooth, and have a metabolic effect. Based on this, far-infrared rays in this band are also called "light of fertility".

In addition to the wide application of far-infrared technology and astronomy, it is also often used in medical and health care fields. In the industry, far-infrared rays are generally converted by electric energy, or two ways of spinning and spinning the far-infrared materials are fused to generate far-infrared radiation bands.

However, the use of electricity will have safety considerations; after spinning into textiles, the efficiency of far-infrared rays is limited due to the decline in the proportion of far-infrared materials.

Based on this, Nanliang developed the coating process of "energy powder" to uniformly adhere the energy powder to the textile material. Provides far-infrared rays with a uniform and long-lasting spectral range of 4 μm to 14 μm. Because there is no need to use electricity, it can reduce the discomfort of burns or dry skin, and it will not generate electromagnetic waves, which will affect human health.

Far infrared coating energy aid

The energy health aid series uses high-tech materials to promote blood circulation. 7K Foam high-stretch fabric is highly breathable and highly elastic, and it can be worn all day without causing symptoms such as stuffiness and skin allergies. The product releases far-infrared rays, helping to soothe muscles and joints. Energy health aids are approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA registration, and will not harm the human body or affect the environment.

Product Application

Devices-neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waists, knees, ankles, eyes, etc.

7K Foam combined with far-infrared coating is suitable for medical, protective gear, footwear, baby products, handbags and other products, which can provide more material selectivity in the finished product industry.