H&H Brand Distributors&Agents

1. H & H is a self-owned brand of science and technology external products for the health industry of Nanliang Group. Its product characteristics are based on health functions, and the functional materials of the group are extended to design products with technological content and AI intelligence.

 2. H & H stands for Health and Happiness, weaving a healthy and happy life with high-tech wisdom, checking for healthy life, and putting forward a new perspective on health protection, so that the product functions are continuously improved and changing with each passing day.

3. The product includes a complete product line of patented 3D horizontal rhythm technology bed, energy ceramics, medical aids, functional sleep products, energy shoes, medical insoles and medical health-care equipment. Provide combined, multi-style, and diversified integrated marketing.

4.The market of the big health industry has great prospects. Welcome dealers and agents who are willing to engage in healthy operation and sales worldwide. Sincerely invite partners with global channel and sales experience to join.



H&H LOHAS Experience Showroom

1. The H & H Lohas Health Experience Museum carefully selects technology medical and health equipment and the most effective exercise methods. Through technology rhythm combined with intelligent detection and cloud analysis, the museum provides a complete set of health screening, rhythm, exercise, perspiration and diet The planning experience is especially suitable for safe and effective sports in the middle and upper age groups to promote happy and healthy life.

2. The hall has horizontal rhythm health technology bed, sports equipment for intelligent detection, acupuncture potential treatment for medical equipment, far-infrared energy SPA, and technical energy internal and external products.

3. Graft on the following target objects: (1). Home use (2). Health and wellness center, fitness center (3). Medical center, hospital, health check center (4). Senior friendship club (5). Star hotel 、 New cases attached (6). Home decor chain (7). Pharmacy chain (8). Senior silver channel



1.Nanliang has more than 47 years of experience in foundry of composite functional materials, and it has more than 60 multinational relations companies, which can span several industries, and can horizontally and vertically integrate the materials and technology.

2.H & H can provide one-stop OEM production services for health technology related products, with complete qualifications, complete materials, advanced equipment, manufacturing expertise and quality control, and can meet customers' reasonable prices and fast delivery. Customer foundry services.




Nanliang H&H has a professional R&D design and development team, and cooperates with professionals in materials research and development and long-term foundry experience. It can provide customers with different services for R&D design, material selection and production, and provide customers with various products. Value-added services, adding points to customers' product sales.