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Master the integrated marketing strategy, launch in-vitro technology supplies, including H&H brand, distribution agency, service system and other three product integration. H&H brand has health supplies series, functional sleep products series, AI intelligent technology series, Taiwan dark green jade energy series and other supplies. The distribution agents include medical distributor products, technological content and AI intelligence. The service system can enter the full-line H&H Lohas Health Experience Hall, combining home care, weekday maintenance, and personal health management, to protect the health of you and your family and create a happy life!


Health technology matchmaking platform, H&H application Internet + health technology + sharing economy innovation model, welcoming market shortcuts, and cooperate with businessmen to take action and experience service model, so that consumers can directly feel the benefits and charm of external products! In addition to the H & H brand, we can also connect with OEM and ODM design of external products to meet the customized needs of customers and achieve a win-win sharing model. Looking forward to meeting you and serving you is the greatest honor of H&H.

H&H has combined with China Unicom Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and has invested in the field of health care for more than ten years to establish an excellent foundation. With the advent of an aging society, the demand for medical care for related aging and chronic diseases has increased. Prolink Green Energy has started a solution marketing business based on technology and based on the principles of health care, improving the quality of care and solving the shortage of care manpower, with the ultimate goal of rehabilitation medicine. Positioned under the principles of diversification, professional division of labor, and all-round marketing, it gradually establishes Taiwan's health care channel layout and actively expands into mainland China and overseas markets.

Preventive health and rehabilitation care deliver our value. Generated key core values; medical device solutions to enhance early diagnosis, early treatment, early rehabilitation, and prevention, health and rehabilitation services.

For medical and health supplies, Baoliantong Green Energy supplies products such as cardiac spectrum sphygmomanometer series, Antangbao non-invasive health management, iCARE eight-in-one health manager, etc. for medical and health supplies; in rehabilitation, it supplies easy pulse (dual-machine board) , Energy aids, horizontal rhythm / 3D motion / high-speed vibration health technology bed ... series of products.

H&H brand understands "people", "organization" and "resources", conducts "creation and communication" and builds a huge value interactive ecological network, in order to exert greater energy than the traditional linear model; H & H brand must make good use of the successful design Platform model to generate core interaction with users and create value. Under the platform economy of the whole channel, all colleagues in the health business department are working hard to attract users and promote interaction to create more cross-industry matchmaking. Altruism first "to usher in the next transformation.